Please help us continue our 58 years of success in the future by providing a donation either using PayPal at the link below.

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JBANC Baltic Freedom Fund

For the past 58 years, the Joint Baltic American National Committee (JBANC) has served as the premier information organization representing Estonian-, Latvian-, and Lithuanian-Americans on Capitol Hill. As the Baltic countries near their centenaries in 2018 we are reaching out to you, the Baltic-American community and friends of the Baltics, to ask for help in assuring that Baltic voice stays active and strong on Capitol Hill and with the Administration in the future.

Your donation will allow JBANC to:

  • Continue advocating and disseminating information with policymakers on Capitol Hill, with the Administration, and with the wider public,

  • Work with our Central and East European allies to galvanize American (and NATO) support for measures to deter Russia’s re-born imperialism,

  • Advocate on issues such as Russia’s brazen violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and the need for a robust and long-term western military presence in the Baltics,

  • Counter the flood of propaganda, disinformation, and lies that flow from Moscow via social media and various public forums,

  • Attend policy forums and conferences with the goal to find possibilities for future cooperation,

  • Organize a bi-annual conference in Washington, DC on Baltic related issues and feature high-level speakers from Congress, the Administration, ambassadors, and groundbreaking journalists,

  • Offer internships for motivated college students.

Please help us continue our 58 years of success in the future by providing a donation using PayPal at the link below.





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